The Google Analytics tool keeps statistics of users who come to a website as visitors. For this reason, you, depending on the wishes of visitors to your website you can improve yourself in that direction. When you advertise, Google Analytics gives you the right addresses to increase the number of visitors to your website.

What statistics does Google Analytics include?

IP exclusion

Your editor, who has to constantly enter your website, doesn’t reflect it to your website like your webmasters and thus plays an effective role in determining the organic visitors.

Prevent harmful routing

One of the major problems of e-commerce sites is that the referrals sent by the banks accept the traffic of sales on your website as post-referrals to your Analytics account and therefore show what you need to concentrate on with a better result.

Tracking Demographic Data

It contains data such as age and gender on your website. For this reason, we can easily see which age groups and sex visitors they come to your website and give them more ads, which will allow us to reach more users.

Custom reports

Google Analytics enables you to specifically pull reports from your website using reports, metrics, and dimensions that you select on your website. In this way, you get rid of trivial reports and give more attention to the issues that need to be addressed. By sharing this special report, it will ensure the satisfaction of visitors who want to advertise on your site.


It is the environment where the summary information can be reported to special reports. Like metrics, KPI are also tables that help show metrics with high reports. Therefore, you can monitor the status of your website more conveniently.


Leaving a note on Google Analytics here, it will help us to remember what has affected us by looking at our past records.

Content Grouping

Allows you to group your pages according to the rules you have edited when creating them. You can follow the example of a blog site by grouping it separately into categories.

Event tracking

It tracks the interaction of users with the content that will appear on the screen while your web page loads.

Funnel installation

It keeps statistics of how long visitors are left on your website and when and where.

E-Commerce tracking and improved E-commerce

If you have a website on E-Commerce, it helps you to easily follow the transactions such as sales, income, product, adding to cart.

User ID

If you define a user, you can access the reports of the users you want.

Unfiltered Data

Google Analytics creates reports on your account more regularly, filtering out some of the visitor traffic on our website, allowing you to get smoother results.


Google Analytics trades in dollars first, but you can change it. You can use it by selecting your own currency.

Default page

When visitors type your website name into the address bar, it is called the first page that appears.

Time Zone

The time zone is important in the Google Analytics tool. This is because it ensures that reports that occur between certain time periods are organized properly. If it is forgotten and will be changed later, care should be taken in doing so, otherwise reports will be complicated.

Bot Filtering

We are getting more accurate reports thanks to Google analytics by setting up bot filtering method for more efficient results. This bot filter is not active the first time you open it you have to open it yourself.

Site search tracking

Here you can see what your visitors are searching for most and how much they search. So you can focus on what your visitors are looking for and play an effective role in keeping your visitors longer.

Google Adsense Links

You can reach the details of AdWords campaigns by linking Google Analytics with Adsense. Find out how many visitors AdWords provides you.

Search Console connection

The Search Console link allows us to see the search of organic users on your Site.