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Web Design & Development Agency in Constanta

The team of Blike develops and creates experiences that put the user first. Our customers know how important it is that things just work. "We place digital at the center of businesses and making the life’s of people better and easier." Let us introduce our long year experience at web development. We are working to expand our know-how and always research new technologies and techniques can be best implemented. We aim for professional digital experiences that combine design and codes.

WORDPRESS : WordPress is a free content management system used to build and maintain websites. Its ease of use and unique blogging features have helped it become the most popular blogging tool on the web.
PHP : The goal of the PHP-language is to allow Web developers to write dynamically applications quickly and easily. PHP is also great for creating database-driven Webpages.
MYSQL : MySQL also use a Web scripting language like PHP to access information from the database. MySQL commands can be incorporated into the PHP code, allowing part or all of a Web page to be generated from database information.
HTML5 : HTML5 was designed to supersede both HTML 4 and XHTML by providing web developers with a simpler standard that includes several new features for the modern web.
CSS3 : Stands for "Cascading Style Sheet." Cascading style sheets are used to format the layout of Web pages. They can be used to define text styles, table sizes, and other aspects of Web pages that previously could only be defined in a page's HTML.
JQUERY : jQuery is a JavaScript library that allows web developers to add extra functionality to their websites. It is open source and provided for free under the MIT license. In recent years, jQuery has become the most popular JavaScript library used in web development.

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