Search engine optimization is a “sine qua non” in the digital marketing process and at the same time requires a very complex and long process. SEO work; In recent years, it is perceived as a compulsory working discipline in order to ensure the existence and permanence of every brand in the digital universe.

You have a brand and you have created a website to promote your brand and make sales. Your SEO strategy is all the work that needs to be done to make your website play an authoritarian role in search engines (especially Google).

The shortest and easiest way to deliver the service or product sold to the target audience; We know that responding to demand in the most qualified way. Therefore, SEO work can be defined as providing the information needed by the target audience first.

What Steps are Implemented in SEO Strategy?

There are many common steps in the digital marketing process, which differs from traditional marketing in many ways. These; target audience analysis, market research, competitor analysis and time – performance management to make the right move at the right time. In addition to these practices, the steps taken to create an SEO-only strategy are listed as follows;

  • Site analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Target audience analysis
  • Keyword analysis

In this article, we will talk about keyword analysis which is a very complex issue.

How to Choose Keywords

At the stage of determining the keywords, it is necessary to have detailed information about the brand and the concept. For this reason, you should always look at the references when you consider working with any digital agency or SEO agency.

You should keep it in your mind that your website needs to be fed with quality content that uses keywords and conveys them in detail. Therefore, you should choose keywords that can generate rich content.

There are many web-based analysis tools that extract call rates. You can use these tools to identify the patterns that your target audience is looking for the most.

What is a Long Tail Keyword?

Long tail keywords ; it is a process that is included in the SEO strategy in order to become an authority in the results of specific searches. Recently, it is concluded that the structure of the selected long tail keywords is effective on SEO success, as well as the website’s user-oriented and rich content. Working with more specific keywords for the service or product you sell will increase your organic visitors and increase your website’s ranking on search engines.