Finding qualified photos can be quite difficult for designers. The Internet delivers millions of photos at once. However, before you select the photos you will use on the web, you should consider not one thousand times. Because you can get into serious trouble with copyrights. In order to avoid all these copyright issues, we will talk about stock photography sites that you can use unlimitedly for small likes and small donations. But what is the stock photo firstly? How about some information on this?

So What Is Stock Photo?

For designers working on both printed media and the internet, the concept of stock photography is the greatest savior. In fact, even in productions such as cinema, documentary and commercial film, stock photography can often give good results. Stock photo in its simplest form; refers to photos licensed for specified uses. It can be said that the stock photography field which has been continuing since 1920 in the world has become a sector which is used much more with the spread of the web world. The number of sites providing stock photography services is increasing rapidly after 2010, when social media has reached more users. Web projects, especially on free stock photography, are often mentioned in 2013 and beyond. Because it is important for many photographers to be present on social media and to gain new followers.

We have compiled 5 sites for you to download free stock photos with a wide archive of the world-renowned names;


Pixabay is an international photo archive company where you can download stock photos in free format. Hans Braxmeier, the founder and CEO of the company headquartered in Germany, has an amazing archive of millions of stock photos and videos. To download photos from Pixabay, just sign up. Then, if you wish, you can give appreciation to photographers or make small donations via social media. We should also state that you are completely free in this matter.



Pexels also works as a platform where you can download stock photos that serve for free. The platform is being established in 2014, in which you can find hundreds of thousands of free photos and videos. If you wish, you can join the Pexels team and make your photos available free of charge, just like any other photographer. For the free photos provided by Pexels, only the owner of the photo requests social media support for the artist. You can also download specified photos in high resolution and use them on your website.


Unsplash started on May 23, 2013 as a website based on a theme worth only $ 16, but today it is the world’s most popular free photo stock system with millions of users. Unsplash has been a library with more than 1 billion downloads since its inception. When you download the photos, you may be asked to support the artist through social media as in other platforms. However, there is no obligation for this.


With gratisography you can use thousands of private photos for free. The platform, where you can find hundreds of specially themed photographs as well as specially themed general themes, is set up by photographer and designer Ryan McGuire. You can download free photos from the website or get suggestions for paid photo stock sites.


Like other free stock photo sites, Picjumbo is one of the web projects where you can easily download photos. Picjumbo is founded in 2013 by Czech photographer Viktor Hanacek. Today, it is one of the popular stock sites where more than 3 million photos are downloaded annually. The website also offers premium membership. If you get a premium membership, you can download up to 3,000 free photos at once.