Empowering communities to launch youth cycling initiatives. 

Our Winter 2022 Application has closed.
Check back in April/May 2022 for our Spring application Round!

We want to partner with you to cultivate more diverse cycling communities. Through dollar-for-dollar matching grants, the Outride Fund supports projects related to youth cycling, including education, youth rider development, bike-cooperatives, earn-a-bike programs, and trail/bikepark/pump track projects. The process is simple—an organization launches a fundraising campaign with Outride’s fundraising platform and applies for match funds up to $15,000.

1) Start a fundraiser by creating a Classy campaign.
2) Apply for a matching grant. (Preview Application Questions HERE)
3) Share your campaign to raise money for your community.

Selected projects may receive a matching grant, up to $15,000. Use this matching award as a tool to accelerate fundraising and reach your goal. Since its inception in the fall of 2019, the Outride Fund has awarded over $1,000,000 in matching grants to more than 133 organizations across the country. Let’s add your dream project to the list!

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  1. My cycling organization is located outside the US. Are we eligible for an Outride Fund matching grant?

    No. Currently, only organizations based in the US are eligible for Outride Fund grants.

  2. How much are Outride Fund matching grants?

    Outride will award dollar-for-dollar matching grants up to $15,000. If you are awarded a $10,000 matching grant and raise more than this, then you will be matched up to $10k. For example, if you raise $12,000 (initial/campaign funds), then you'd be matched $10,000 (matching funds) and receive a total grant payout of $22,000 (program funds). Initial/Campaign + Matching = Program Funds.

  3. How often are Outride Fund matching grants awarded?

    Outride intends to conduct two rounds of the Outride Fund each year, in Winter and Summer.

  4. Am I guaranteed a matching grant just by starting a Classy fundraising page for my team or organization?

    No. The Outride Fund is a competitive grant, and setting up the Classy fundraising page is merely the first step. The second involves a detailed matching grant application using our SurveyMonkey Apply link. You will be notified regarding the outcome of your grant application roughly one month after the application deadline.

  5. If my organization is denied a matching grant, do we still get the funds raised on my Classy fundraising page?

    Yes. Funds raised by your project are restricted to your organization, and will be paid out to you upon closing your fundraising efforts. You will be asked to complete a W9, Vendor form, and a Lite Grant Agreement so that Outride may grant the funds raised (unmatched) to your team or organization for the project specified on your page.

  6. Does the Outride Fund match funds held by our organization, in-kind donations (i.e. bikes, tools, or park features donated), or volunteer time?

    No. Outride only matches cash raised on the Classy fundraising page, or submitted as a check offline donation to your organization's Classy campaign. Essentially, this is a cash matching-grant, and Outride must hold the match eligible funds until payout. If your organization wishes to convert locally fundraised dollars to match-eligible funds, you can send a check to Outride, made out to Outride with your Classy campaign or org name in the check memo. These funds are then credited to your online fundraiser, and are considered match-eligible, though no online transaction fees are applied to them.

  7. How long do I have to complete my fundraising and project?

    Outride Fund projects are intended to have a one year timeline, from the date of matching grant award notification. Outride expects that you will complete your fundraising (earning your dollar for dollar matching grant), receive your grant payout, implement your program or project, and submit an impact report back to Outride within 12 months. Upon submitting your impact report, you may apply for a subsequent grant from Outride.

    Fundraising pages are specifically bound by goals with both purpose (for whom we are raising money) and time (when do the funds need to be raised and utilized). The Outride Fund will grant extensions to campaigns as approved by the grant committee, and reserves the right to allocate any fund that does not achieve the goals with in the proposed campaign to related grants within the scope of the Outride Fund Charter.